Advisor Bias

Are you regularly deciding between conflicting advice from differently biased advisors?

Asset Allocation Diagram

Global Wealth Management (GWM) eliminates Advisor Bias

We provide clarity and get everyone working in the same direction. Our goal is to eliminate Advisor Bias by employing a thorough Discovery Process with input from each advisor or decision maker.

Legal Advice:
Attorneys are a key component of a successful financial team. We will work with your trusted legal advisor, or introduce you to ours, and make sure their advice compliments your financial goals.

Having an independent source of advice or an intermediary with family financial issues can sometimes be a tremendous help.

Tax Advice:
Minimization of tax and reduction of liability requires the integration of advice from numerous sources.

Insurance Requirements:
Although each advisor's advice will have merit, it will be biased in the direction that advisor is accustomed to. We call this Advisor Bias and it may lead to lack of clarity and contradictory solutions. We work with numerous companies to find the right solution for you and as a fiduciary advisor are legally required to provide advice which will be in the best interests of the client including the disclosure of possible conflicts of interest.


Banking Services:
We have access to excellent banking relationships or we will work with your current banking provider to help ensure that all your needs are met.

Investment Advice:
Most of our clients enjoy long-term successful relationships with their investment advisors. We work with these experts to help ensure their decisions are synchronized with your overall Financial Plan.

Do you sometimes feel your advisors are pulling you in different directions?