Whether Social Security Should be Taken at Age 62 or 70

Grant Conness and A. Montgomery Costa, Managing Directors and Co-Founders of Global Wealth Management, Publish a New Article Considering Whether Social Security Should be Taken at Age 62 or 70

Fort Lauderdale, FL– March 7, 2018  Grant Conness and A. Montgomery Costa, Co-Founders of Global Wealth Management, a Fort Lauderdale-based financial planning firm, recently published an article on their website entitled “Social Security at Age 62 or 70?

Social Security benefits are something that many Americans depend on each month. In fact, it is one of America’s most important social programs.

Of course, many Social Security beneficiaries are also retirees and rely on these benefits for a sizeable percentage of their monthly income. Yet, a full understanding of Social Security is still somewhat elusive for a portion of this group.

Conness and Costa say in this article that one of Social Security’s biggest dilemmas is the age at which one should retire and begin taking these benefits. Specifically, because there is a financial incentive for waiting longer—beyond the allowable start age of 62. They explain, “if you claim your benefits at 62, you will be accepting up to a 30% permanent reduction in your monthly payout. If you wait until age 70, you can boost your payout by up to 32%.”

However, they also caution that waiting until age 70 doesn’t necessarily always make the most sense. The duo adds, “It would seem then, that claiming Social Security at the age of 70 is the smart move, right? Well, it may maximize your monthly payout, but it might not always be in your best interest, depending on your circumstances.”

The remainder of the article discusses this choice even further, going deeper into additional pros and cons. Yet, the crux of the piece finds that this question – or the answer to this question – is really a personal, or individual, matter that should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The full article can be found here: https://askglobalwealth.com/social-security-at-age-62-or-70/.

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