Downsizing Your Home When Entering or In Retirement

Grant Conness and A. Montgomery Costa, Managing Directors and Co-Founders of Global Wealth Management, Share Benefits of Downsizing Your Home When Entering or In Retirement

Fort Lauderdale, FL– [DATE]  Grant Conness and A. Montgomery Costa, Co-Founders of Global Wealth Management, a Fort Lauderdale-based financial planning firm, recently published an article on their website entitled “6 Benefits of Downsizing Your Home.”

As they explain, many people consider downsizing their home when nearing, entering, or in retirement. There are a few different reasons for this. The idea might be financially driven, health-driven, or even simply based on a desire to downsize and possibly, travel.

They add, “No matter the exact reason, at the retirement stage of life, a lot of homeowners decide bigger isn’t always better. And with good reason, since aside from meeting the aforementioned specific needs, downsizing can also save you money, energy, resources, and time.”

In the remainder of the article, they elaborate on the specific ways downsizing might be beneficial. For example, downsizing can save money. In addition to the mortgage or rent payment itself, utilities are usually also lower with a smaller home. Furthermore, you need less “stuff” and the upkeep and maintenance are less as well.

They also say a smaller home can often lead to a happier home. Specifically, “Many homeowners find that smaller homes allow the family to work as one cohesive unit, spending quality time together, that sometimes doesn’t happen with larger homes with larger floor plans.”

Other points they give are that downsizing saves energy. It simply costs less to heat and cool a smaller home.

But perhaps most importantly for some, they explain that downsizing can simply help you start a new chapter in your life.

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