If Retirement Is Within Reach, Your Dreams Should Be, Too.

We create custom financial plans for people from all walks — from the sophisticated woman and retired couple to the working CEO — because everyone deserves the retirement they’ve always envisioned.



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Our Process

Your Retirement Roadmap Review

“Do I have enough, or do I have a problem?”

That question — or some version of it — is what concerns just about everyone who walks through our doors.

We developed the Retirement Roadmap Review process to help guide you along a path to and through retirement. In just a few easy steps, we learn your retirement goals and concerns, examine your situation and implement a holistic strategy that addresses all of your needs — from income and investments to taxes, health care and legacy. The Retirement Roadmap Review doesn’t just give you the answer to the aforementioned question; it also gives you the tools and confidence to pursue the life you envision.


What Clients Are Saying

Stan D.

“I feel very confident that my investments are secure and will be well managed by GWM. They are competent, communicate clearly and make you feel like part of their team.”

Pat B.

“I have been with this company seven-plus years. They have grown significantly during that time but still maintain the qualities that first attracted me to them: friendliness, integrity, availability and an ability to address my personal financial needs. Each staff member I have dealt with reflects these same values. They work very hard and keep their clients as their top priority.”

Bill G.

“Investing was never a strong point of mine. Most financial planners or managers want to show you how brilliant they are by bombarding you with market facts and/or jargon! I want to make my money work for me, and while I am interested in learning more, most want to overwhelm you with minutia. Global is different, they are client-focused and adapt well to your needs and present the necessary information plain and simple. If you want more information or detail, just ask. I have been a client for 18 months or so and am pleased with both their customer service and the earning on my dollar.”

Robert G.

“Excellent insight. In-depth fact-finding interviews, with options based on personal risk tolerance. Easy to get follow-up appointments to discuss market trends and possible adjustments to the plan. I would characterize the customer experience as superior. Have made several referrals and would so again, without reservation.”

These testimonials were given by a current client of our firm. These testimonials are for illustrative purposes only and may not be representative of the experience of every client. Your results may vary.

Download our featured guide

Are you paying too much in taxes in retirement?

This eight page guide was created for you to better understand how taxes could affect your retirement income, including the different types of retirement accounts, why tax laws are ever-changing, and options for tax deductions in retirement.

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Watch, Listen, Learn

Catch Global Wealth Management’s Grant Conness and Andrew Costa on TV and radio or read their latest book.


Watch “The Global Wealth Show” at 6:30 a.m. each Sunday on CBS4 WFOR.


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Learn how to navigate your retirement journey by reading “Charting Your Financial Course,” which addresses Social Security, tax efficiencies, long-term care and a host of other retirement issues.

About Global Wealth Management

Your Pursuits Are Our Passion

When Grant Conness and Andrew Costa co-founded Global Wealth Management in 2009, they set out to change the financial advisory industry. They set out to arm clients with financial clarity and confidence. They set out to offer protection, reduce risk and give people the direction they needed to pursue their dreams.

They accomplished all of that, too, and are still doing it today.

At Global Wealth, we’re passionate about all sorts of things — our families, our South Florida community and charities, sports — but we also are passionate about helping people just like you! We’re passionate about furthering the vision and mission that Grant and Andrew had at the start.

Contact us today to see how we do that and schedule your Retirement Roadmap Review.

C. Grant Conness and Andrew M. Costa

Managing Directors & Co-Founders, Wealth Advisors
Global Wealth Management