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Amber Kelly, ChFC®


Amber Kelly, ChFC®

Wealth Advisor, Director of Global Wealth Women

Amber Kelly is a seasoned financial professional dedicated to empowering individuals and families in planning for their future financial security. With a focus on comprehensive financial planning, Amber addresses a range of concerns including income planning, retirement strategies, asset protection, investment management, and estate planning.

Amber earned her bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Southern New Hampshire University, laying a strong foundation for her career in financial services. She is a licensed Investment Adviser Representative and holds an insurance license in Florida covering life, health, and annuities. Amber has also achieved the prestigious Chartered Financial Consultant®(ChFC®) designation, reflecting her expertise and commitment to advanced financial planning.

In addition to her client-centered work, Amber is passionate about improving industry standards and ethics. She has dedicated years to advising financial professionals nationwide on developing suitable and ethical business practices. Her guidance has benefited financial practices of all sizes.

Outside of her professional commitments, Amber finds fulfillment in actively participating in her community. She enjoys being involved in local events, volunteering, and supporting initiatives that contribute positively to the well-being of her community. As a proud mother of three daughters and a loving wife, Amber values the importance of family and spends quality time gardening, exploring nature, and enjoying the company of her family and their cherished dog.

Amber’s holistic approach to life, blending professional expertise with community engagement and personal interests, exemplifies her dedication to making a meaningful impact both professionally and personally. Through her work and personal endeavors, Amber strives to create a positive influence, ensuring individuals and families have the tools and support needed to navigate their financial futures with confidence and security.